• NuCedar Classic Clapboard
    NuCedar Classic Clapboard® — Worldly Gray (NC-06)

Classic Clapboard®

4 inch Exposure Classic Clapboard

4″ Exposure Classic Clapboard®
(Shown in Bracing Blue Color NC-13)

6 inch Exposure Classic Clapboard

6″ Exposure Classic Clapboard®
(Shown in Basket Beige Color NC-03)

8 inch Exposure Classic Clapboard

8″ Exposure Classic Clapboard®
(Shown in Intellectual Gray Color NC-07)

Available In:

  • RoughSawn

  • Smooth

SKU Clapboard Exposure Dimensions Length Approx Pc / Sq
CLAP4 4″ Exp. Classic Clapboard® 4″ 1/2″ x 5-1/4″ 16′ 19
CLAP6 6″ Exp. Classic Clapboard® 6″ 1/2″ x 7-1/4″ 16′ 13
CLAP8 8″ Exp. Classic Clapboard® 8″ 5/8″ x 9-1/4″ 16′ 10

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Available Standard Colors

Available in 13 standard colors or custom PPG paint colors. ALL COLORS IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT

  • Super White - NC-01

Learn More About Our Custom PVC Color Program


Included Accessories

4oz Dauber of Paint

4oz dauber of paint

1 included with every 6 squares


Methacrylate Adhesive Kits

Methacrylate adhesive kits

1 kit included with every 50 pieces of 4″ clapboard and 2 kits for every 50 PC of 6″ or 8″ clapboard




22″ long – 6 PC included with every 16′ of clapboard



Required Accessories

Starter Strip

Starter strip

10′ long starter strips are required for installation. Customer must specify quantity of starter strips required based on job needs.


Universal Trim, Header Trim, Universal Corners

Universal trim, header trim, universal corners

See Trim Page for details


Optional Accessories

Snap-in inserts (10′ Long)

SKU: SNAP4 (For 4″ Exposure)
SKU: SNAP6 (For 6″ Exposure)
SKU: SNAP8 (For 8″ Exposure)

Snap-In Inserts
Snap-In Inserts

Traditional homes are recognized for butted cedar clapboard around windows, doors and corners. NuCedar’s Universal Trim and Corners accommodate Snap-In Inserts™, thereby replicating this classic look.


Garden State Lumber PVC Program

Garden State Lumber stocks a complete line of PVC products including S4S trimboard, PVC mouldings, PVC panel & sheet goods, PVC beaded panels and PVC window surrounds. We’re also proud to introduce our pre-finished color PVC program.

PVC Program

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